Dear Friends and Supporters,

It has been a truly challenging winter here at One Yellow Rabbit. The surprising and unwelcome loss of our ensemble members and colleagues has been a heavy blow. Life is precious and no more so than when it is snatched away so quickly. In the depth of our loss, it was difficult to see past the bleak reality of this epic theft of brotherhood. It was a new dark territory for us.

In the thick of this new reality, other forces asserted themselves; other qualities appeared to pierce the dense shadow of sorrow. Messages began to arrive in all forms: Whispers, letters, notes, texts, calls, tender communications from within our city and beyond. So many people reached out to comfort us, so many voices of consolation and solidarity, so many gestures of kindness and light.

We would like to express deep gratitude for all the beautiful acts of support and care that we received in the aftermath of our horrible winter. The kindness, this kind of kindness, is rare. More than enough to take your breath away, it restored our ability to breathe. Life affirming, life loving generosity from so many.

We would also like to let you know, on behalf on our Board and our colleagues, that we are moving forward, as our fallen comrades would expect and savour. Plans are hatching, progress is being made, and we are moving towards the light that has been shown us.

Blake Brooker, Artistic Director
& Ann Connors, Managing Director
One Yellow Rabbit

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