HPR 2017 Is A Wrap!

WOW! That Was A Month!

What an honour it was for all of us at One Yellow Rabbit to have hosted this line-up of extraordinary artists from across the country & around the world. Each of their stories, either through song, dance, theatre or a whole lot of packing tape, reached deep into the hearts of Calgarians & warmed us through this January.

My deep thanks to all of our artists this year; to our dedicated Board of Directors; to a Dream Team staff – Rock Stars all; to our public & private funders, sponsors & donors who help us bring this work to Calgary; to our volunteers who make the Rodeo & this City a great place to be; & to our audiences who jump down the rabbit hole with us year after year.

Over 15,000 Calgarians sat in our comfy seats this year the highest attendance in Rodeo history & the number of participants who jumped into our site specific work all over the city is immeasurable. And in tough economic times that is a staggering statement; one that tells us that no matter the conditions, no matter the challenges, if we provide access, then Calgary will participate. We want a city that is curious, a city that is engaged, a city that embraces community. And that the arts are important.

Thank you Calgary. Now it’s on to 2018!

Ann Connors
Managing Director & Artistic Producer 

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