Find out the back story to Nordic Greats and why it is a must-see performance, 106 years in the making 


One Yellow Rabbit and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra are collaborating together again!  After a thrilling co-presentation together for the wild Mozart's Birthday Party, we are now bringing you Nordic Greats, January 25, 2020.  

From Norway, we bring you, violinist, Eldbjørg Hemsing playing a GB Guadagnini violin from 1754 on loan from the Dextra Musica Foundation.  Hemsing rediscovered the almost completely forgotten work of Norwegian composer Hjalmar Borgström, who is represented with his violin concerto in G major, op. 25, conducted by Rune Bergmann.

The Norwegian composer is tragically not forgotten because of the quality of his compositions, but because he did not compose music based on the folklore of his homeland. Instead, he composed music committed to the late romantic German composing style that did not gain favour or popularity in Norway.  In Germany, French composers were in high demand, marking this Norwegian composer one that would get lost to the ages. Ironically, his Violin Concerto in G major, op. 25 No. 1, completed in 1914, had a successful premiere.

Enter the deeply engaged Eldbjørg Hemsing as she brings this piece into the light with her expressive style; transforming the melodious themes and unusual harmonies that is telling of a remarkable Norwegian composer. This powerful journey of the legacy of this forgotten music reflects the testament that it did not deserve this fate, but deserves its place in today’s concert halls.  

Check out the playlist below to get a taste of this magical event.