Festival Staff


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The High Performance Rodeo cultivates an environment of shared values; to create excellence through collaboration, respect, kindness and fun. These values are ingrained in the creative work of our festival team.
Our team is supported by many talented and creative professional contractors, experts, community members, individuals, and volunteers.
High Performance Rodeo staff may be contacted at 403-294-7411.
Artistic Director
Blake Brooker
Managing Director
John Dunn
Volunteer Co-Ordinator
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Marketing and Communications Director
Ryan Bartlett
Company Manager
Johanne Deleeuw
Business Manager
Technical Director
Geoff Buchanan
Administrative Assistant
Kellsey Ronaghan
Board of Directors
Rebecca Wood
Todd Hawkwood
Henry Groen
Franca Gualtieri
Shannon Anderson
Mona Dallmann
Caire Davis
Nadine Krenosky
James Laycraft
Colin Logiss
Viviane Mehr
Eileen Stan
Wancy Wu
Blake Brooker C.M.
Evan Wooley