High Performance Rodeo presents

In the Wake


2010 Betty Mitchell Award Winner for Outstanding New Play!

An oxygen-deprived dead zone is devastating the marine life off Canada’s west coast, and fisherman Jack Travail is feeling the impact. Frustrated by ineffectual union reps, stymied by government inaction, Jack is desperate for a way to restore his livelihood.

Enter Charlotte Wallace, a scientist whose unconventional research has the potential to bring life back to the ocean. When her discovery goes public, she finds herself enmeshed in Jack’s struggle and the pair must decide if radical problems demand radical action.

In this darkly comic and highly physical performance, the Downstage Creation Ensemble transforms a 3’x6’ platform into a dynamic landscape that explores the complex dilemmas of geo-engineering and eco-terrorism.

What they're saying:

"In the Wake is a mesmerizing experience that should not be missed."
- Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

"Even stronger than the tide of environmental justice that In the Wake evokes is the fact that it feels positively, contemporarily Canadian."
- Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald