Live Your Prime, with Damien Frost

When Getting Old Is Getting Old!

Are scientific models of ageing just fanciful drivel? Can contemporary modes of ageing be unlearned? Is there really a Fountain of Youth? What if the longer you live, the likelier you are to live longer?

A world premiere from the creative force that brought you Ilsa Queen of the Nazi Love Camp, Calgary, I Love You, But You’re Killing Me, and last year’s Rodeo fan favourite cabaret Moon, Moon, No Moon; comes to an all-new comedic journey that takes you behind the scenes of self-help gurus and the trials of ageing with (or without) grace.

If getting old is getting old for you, join Damien Frost, his son Damien Junior and his wife Darlene as they share with you the secrets of how to LIVE YOUR PRIME. In several easy payments, of course.

Audio Described Performance Available. January 13 performance.