Two people sit across from each other at a bar table with two drinks in front of them.  One is laughing and the other looks confused.


Defiance Theatre


Intimate, playful, and provocative immersive theatre.

She’s a bartender.

He’s a regular.

They have nothing in common except they're both there.

Every day.

Created with interviews, blurry mornings, and over a decade of experience in the service industry, Gemini combines the forces of Alberta Theatre Projects Playwright's award winner Louise Casemore (OCD, Functional, Bereft Project) with Governor General award winning playwright Vern Thiessen for an up close comedic exploration ofthe relationships forged on both sides of the bar.

Gathering inside the playful ambiance of legendary Royal Canadian Legion #1, we strap in for a whiskey soaked night out that won’t be soon forgotten.

Ben is your favourite author from when you were in college. Julie is frankly just here to serve the drinks. Bar games, pop culture, and a crash course through generational divide, this site specific experience is an honest and unflinching love letter to hospitality in a post “Me Too” world. Directed by “the sorcerer of site-specific theatre”, Outside The March's Mitchell Cushman, Gemini invites you to settle in, meet your hosts, and get tied up in the laugh-out-loud bonds of dependency and boredom.

Which of the Seven Dwarves are you most like when you're drinking? Who really holds the power when there is someone paying the tab? Imbibe, bear witness, or intervene, with what Liz Nicholls of calls an “uncannily seductive two hander”.

Part fairytale, part cautionary tale.

(Don't forget to tip your server.)

18+ Only.  I.D required at the door.

Bar opens each night 45 minutes before the performance.



Artsist Talkback
Thursday, January 23 - Raising The Bar

“Raising the Bar”: A conversation surrounding health in the hospitality industry. From minimum wage to high heels to largely unregulated workplaces, our guests will talk about the realities in an industry where mental health and substance abuse issues are staggering. Featuring guests Ray Burton (veteran Calgary bartender) and Dave Sauve (General Manager, Leopold's Tavern).