A topless man and woman stand together wearing a clown nose.


Cast, Crew & Creators:

Rebecca Northan

Julie Orton

David Benjamin Tomlinson

Bruce Horak

Sound Improvisor & Production Manager

Emma Brager

Queer Blind Date

a Spontaneous Theatre Creation, by Rebecca Northan


The smash hit Blind Date returns to the High Performance Rodeo, with a wild twist!

There’s nothing like the thrill of a first date... anything can happen!

In this reimagined version of Rebecca Northan’s smash-hit play, the saucy Mimi, and the handsome Mathieu, take turns finding love with a different person each night–plucked right from the audience. Following its international success at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this fast and funny fusion of improv, theatre, and clown takes a long-requested journey into queer romance to welcome an ever-expanding community of romantic heroes that will have you falling in love again and again.

This Blind Date celebrates and explores the particulars of queer courtship and romance. Our sexy French clowns revel in our quirky queerness in a way that issure to make you fall in love with them, and their audience-member-turned-romantic-hero, each night.Developed in association with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto, with Artistic Director, Evalyn Parry, QBD is open to same sex, trans, and gender-queer pairings each night.

Queer Blind Date celebrates the particulars of queer courtship and romance inthis fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants fusion of improvisation, theatre, and clown. For same sex couples, trans, gender-queer, and anyone who's ever been on a date!